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Yarn Shows are BACK!

Nobody wants to speak to soon, but life in the U.K. is adjusting into a new phase of managing the Covid-19 pandemic and this means that not only are our retail and hospitality businesses open and re-building but also events can now happen - and whilst huge numbers of the public were excited about things like the Euros and Olympics going ahead with spectators - my excitement is 100% focused on the prospect or REAL and IN-PERSON yarn shows and festivals taking place!

Fellow yarnies, and even those who dabble, are I'm sure relieved this is where we are now - and whether you are embracing it and eagerly booking tickets, or still wary of re-entering the world we can all agree this is such a big step forward.

I am a strange mix between the two camps, but those who know me best would point out to me that I have always shied away from spaces which are too 'people-y' (not a real word I know!) anyway! And this is true, whilst I love to chat and meet like-minded people, I am probably more introverted than my smile indicates. However I will not only be at some of my closest shows in

person, Yarn Unique will be exhibiting - and without any Covid related nerves at all (There will be lots of business and self-confidence related nerves however).

This somewhat bold statement is wholly due to the amazing teams working tirelessly to make their events safe and secure and ever-responsive to the changing rules and regulations. Seeing the efforts behind the scenes has made me feel 100% confident that each of wonderful events Yarn Unique will be at will look after each of their vendors and those who visit.

So, where will Yarn Unique be this Autumn I hear you ask? Well.... let me list the AMAZING shows you can come and visit me at:

28th August: Yorkshire Yarn Fest

11th & 12th September: Perth Festival of Yarn

25th & 26th September: Yarndale

9th & 10th October: Bakewell Wool Gathering

30th October: Yorkshire Yarn Fest

There is much preparation going on behind the scenes at Yarn Unique HQ to get ready for these busy 6 weeks - we can't wait to bring new colourways and yarns to these iconic shows and meet those of you who are ready to step out and squish some yarn (after liberal use of hand sanitiser of course!)

Each of the shows have dedicated teams focused on the Covid-Secure measures, and you'll find more detail on each events website and social media posts. Common things you should expect to see are advance-purchase tickets (click the links above to be taken to ticket information) usually with a time-slot for arrival such as at Yarndale, this is to ensure the capacity of the venue is managed carefully and the flow of people will allow for good social distancing. Careful spacing of stalls and one-way systems to again allow people to maintain levels of distance they feel comfortable with, although (at time of writing) current regulations mean this is not required the organisers have shown such respect and care for visitors. Mask wearing will be mandetory (unless medically exempt) at events such as Perth Festival of Yarn, and strongly encouraged at others. Fewer tickets will be available to ensure events stay safe and compliant. And these are just the measures you will see as a visitor!

So, whether you are joining us at one of these events this year, or looking forward to next years events instead, lets all just marvel at how much we have all learned over the last two years, how dedicated the event organisers are, and how hopeful we can be that life, with some adjustments, can indeed begin to return to a normal we are happy with!


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