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Changes affecting EU Customers:

You may be aware that 1st July 2021 brings new regulations regarding the collection of VAT on purchases being shipped to customers residing in the EU.

This will affect all purchases made on this website and shipped to EU countries.


As a UK small business we are working on a solution which will allow us to collect VAT on all purchases under the value of $150, however this is currently unlikely to be available before the 1st July.  

The impact of this on you, the customer, is that you will be liable to pay VAT and a handling charge on receipt of your shipment.  We do not yet know what the handling charge likely to be charged in each country is.

A short-term solution to avoid this, and to pay VAT at the point of purchase, is to buy Yarn Unique yarns and Advent Calendars via our Etsy store where Etsy will enable VAT to be paid on each purchase.  Our Etsy store can be found at:

You may find that the yarn or item you are looking for is not currently available on Etsy as our complete range is not always available here, however please just drop us a message via chat or email  and we will add the items for you to purchase as quickly as possible.

Because we have an alternative purchase option available that we feel will protect the interests of our EU customers, we are temporarily removing the option to ship to EU countries via this website.  Any orders which are made through this website are done on the understanding that customers accept liability for any VAT and/or Duty charges levied by their own country.

We hope that you understand.  Please know that we are seeking a resolution to this and as soon as we can resume EU shipping via this website we will do so.  

To stay upto date with developments around EU shipping please ensure you receive our emails.

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