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2024 Advent Calendars

Christmas is a special time, and we at Yarn Unique just LOVE it!

In 2024 there will again be a choice to two Advents, on a variety of bases:


'Gemstone Gradients' A Luxe Advent:

The 2024 Luxe Advent theme is a fade through a whole rainbow of gemstone inspired colourways, all available on our favourite bases - this palette is making us here at Yarn Unique positively giddy!

Choose from beautiful yak bases (which will add a subtle depth to the gemstone shades!), the extra sparkly Starry Sock base, or our glorious merino and silk bases!  We even have an extra extra special Luxe Yak (50g) option this year!

Presented in a luxury gift box, each of the 24 mini-skeins will be wrapped individually along with an exclusive handmade stitchmarker/progress keeper containing a matching gemstone.  There is also the option to add either a 'Day 25' skein and or tonal skeins designed to perfectly accompany your advent. 


Merino DK and Sock Yarn Advents:

And who doesn't love a bright neon fade?

24 Days gives an amazing opportunity to deliver a great fade, and this year we have tracked down an amazing blue dye which also glows under blacklight!  Excited!

This Neon Fade is going to be a bit different, and somwhat more subtle than you might be used to from Yarn Unique!  This year we're celebrating the speckles!  Each skein will have a soft neon base, with strong neon speckles, fading as always through a super-bright rainbow!

With lots of options for bases and skein size this advent will arrive in 24 individually wrapped packages within a Yarn Unique box - ideal for gifting, or for keeping for yourself!

Neon Mood Board.png



If you pre-order your advent before 25th June 2023 you may chose to take advantage of our payment plan where you can pay over 4 installments.  You will receive 3 further invoices on (or around) 25th of each month until the balance is paid.

Please note, deposits are non-refundable and advents will only be shipped once the full balance has been paid.

Gemstone Shop

Gemstone Gradients:

Available of a range of beautiful bases, explore your options here and chose the perfect advent for you 2024 treat!

Neon Shop

Neon Speckles:

Available of a range of beautiful bases, explore your options here and chose the perfect advent for you 2024 treat!

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