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Daily boxes of magic... 'Advent'ures with yarn!

And just like that it is December! It's been quite a year so I, like so many of you, am absolutely ready for some sparkle and magic... some of this years excitement is going to come from my yarn advent 'advent'ures (see what I did there?)!

With 4 different Yarn Unique advent colourways this year I have however become yarn-blind and fallen down the (snow) rabbit-hole when it comes to finding that perfect pattern... not a new problem for me it has to be said as I am definitely easily distracted and over ambitious when it comes to pattern selection.

But, when you lovely lot started asking me for ideas - it galvanised me some more focused research and I have found a number of options I wanted to share. Below I've collated a range of patterns which I think would suit the Yarn Unique advents (but lets be honest - these are true stash buster patterns so suitable for those sad lonely remnants in your project bag) and I would be happy to knit up this advent season. Most are paid for, some are free, all are fabulous so do check out the designers other patterns too!


The construction of Bumblebee Acres Farm Speltas Wrap grabbed me straight away and ensured it had to make this list. A long rectangular scarf/shawl using 25x 10g minis, but with lots of flexibility to adapt or repeat colours I think this is perfect for advents!

A 20g minis pattern from Kate Whiting Designs next, this Day by Day shawl is ideal if you intend to knit a little each day, with a new colour and a different stitch design to keep it fresh through the month and result in a wonderful wrap!

Stephen West's Painting Waves pattern is a favourite of mine! I think it will work with all this years colourways with lots of room for individuality around colour placement, and will work either by throwing all the colours at it, or by supplementing a strong contrast colour. I think that I am going to use my Silky Yak yarns with a Silver Night skein and lay my gradient out in repeating, but fading, patterns (without giving away the colour scheme too much!)

Fingerless mitts are just my favourite (and not just because I haven't the patience or skill to knit fingers in a glove!) and this Elizabeth Abate pattern it the perfect fit for all of this years colourways, and takes so little yarn you can make at least two pairs with at 12 day, 10g, advent - off to cast on now...

I found this Fade into Advent pattern by Lisa K Ross after the dying for this years Advent was complete... Yet - so perfect for either the bright or pastel colourway! This will work perfectly with the 24 day 20g calendars. This DK Woven Stars pattern, from Frankie Brown, is perfect for using up the scraps you may have from your minis - perfect little woven stars, ideal as decorations, gift tags or bunting - just lovely! Now... I have to admit, I've started a Zick Zack scarf a few times and not managed it - but I remain totally impressed with the wide variety of other people's successes from Christy Kamms pattern! Designed as a 2-colour pattern for long self-striping yarns, I think that for those patient advent-ers (OR those with many WIPs!) this would suit an advent working with colours 1 & 24, 2 & 23, 3 & 22 and so on.... One of our advent-ers last year showed us progress on a few 'hexipuffs' they'd made with their advent minis and I was instantly entranced! Probably a long term project, but an absolute heirloom once finished the Bee Keepers quilt from Tiny Owl Knits is ideal if you don't want to make a garment this year All the 2020 advents (except the luck-dips!) have been designed with a gradient in mind, however if you need more of a stitch based challenge or want to emphasise more the colour changes you can't go far wrong with Casapinkas Perfect Blend shawl. And to wrap this list up... The first pattern I spotted which made me reach for the minis was one of Ambah O'Brians and this year her MAK is epic featuring all her advent-inspired patterns, browse the discussion thread here and see if one of these patterns (a number DK friendly) catches your eye - I've bought two patterns... still not sure which to cast on first!


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