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‘The Crone' - 200g Super Chunky Merino

‘The Crone' - 200g Super Chunky Merino

A brand new collection - the Hocus Pocus colourways draw inspiration from the joy Caroline found in hearing ther sequel of Hocus Pocus was actually going to hit screens this year!


The Crone is not a title the oldest Sanderson Sister would welcome, but hopefully this vivid purple and lime colour combo will offset that insult!


Purples and vivid pops of lime green is tempered by the splashes of black and charcoal over this skein, this colourway is ideal for just about anything you'd like to turn it into!

On the new Super Chunky 100% Superwash Merino base, this extra chunky yarn gives 130m per 100g and is made of 100% extra fine Superwash Merino / 25% Nylon, perfect for quick knits, one 200g ball is perfect for hats and scarfs, 2-3 balls makes an amazing cardigan!

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