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Mystery Skeins - Choose your Base

Mystery Skeins - Choose your Base

Still feeling the disapointment from missing my first two yarn shows of the year, I have decided to open up my Yarn Show Bargain Bucket to you lovely people!


The Bargain Bucket is typically filled with 'last skeins' of a colourway, retired colourways, yarn I've forgotten to label, extras from previous clubs, or just something I've decided could go in that show - there are always some amazing finds for those who like the hunt of rumaging through the box!


We'll have 4Ply yarns with nylon, DK Merino, Silky Yak, mini-skiens and perhaps even some Luxe skeins!  So if you'd like an amazing spring bargain then pop a few skeins in your basket and see what arrives!


(This listhing is for a Lucky Dip package, but if you do have some notes on colour preferences then feel free to leave a note and I'll do my best to send you something suitable!)


    PriceFrom £10.00

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