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Aurora #7: Silky Yak (4Ply & DK)

Aurora #7: Silky Yak (4Ply & DK)

Christmas 2022 saw the design of 25 new aurora borealis inspired colourways in the sold out advent boxes, and the colourways were such a delight that the Aurora collection was borne!


A series of 7 colourways, Aurora #7 is a celebration of the purple and magenta tones you see only if you're very lucky, all set on a deep navy base.


Available in both our 4Ply and DK weights, this Silky Yak yarn is delightful!  The yak fibres introduce a richer and darker tone to the colourway, whilst the silk adds a sheen and strength making the yarn ideal for almost any project!  This base is, and will remain a favourite of Carolines! 


Silky Yak 4Ply:  60% SW Merino / 20% Yak / 20% Silk, 366m per 100g

Silky Yak DK: 60% SW Merino / 20% Yak / 20% Silk, 212m per 100g


This colourway is also available in a number of other bases, and the collection has a total of 7 shades.



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