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Aurora #1: Luxe Yak

Aurora #1: Luxe Yak

Christmas 2022 saw the design of 25 new aurora borealis inspired colourways in the sold out advent boxes, and the colourways were such a delight that the Aurora collection was borne!


A series of 7 colourways, Aurora #1 is the brightest, zingiest, shade of green you'll see in the aurora.  With yellow undertones this lime green shows hints of the other green tones you'll see in the everchanging aurora boralis.


Luxe Yak Sock is just the softest yarn you will ever find!  A true luxury base this yarn is 50% Yak and 50% Silk and undyed is a rich charcoal colour, meaning every colourway turns into something truely special.  Available in 50g and 100g skeins. (400m per 100g). 


This colourway is also available in a number of other bases, and the collection has a total of 7 shades.


    PriceFrom £19.00

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