Hogsmeade Yarn Shop Collection

2021 saw the launch of the Yarn Unique Hogsmeade Yarn Club - the LYS we imagine would exist in the wizard village of Hogmeade!

*Update* With a fondness for the fantasy world created within the Harry Potter books, and two Potter-Crazy children in the Yarn Unique house, creating colourways and self-striping yarns inspired by the wizarding world was a joy.  However this joy was tempered by a sense of shock and disappointment on reading views expressed by the author which are, in our opinion, transphobic.  Caroline, lead dyer of Yarn Unique, shares more about this in our blog.  As an ally of transgender community it felt important to act in some way and since July 2021 Yarn Unique has partnered with Mermaids Uk committing at least £1 from each item in Hogsmeade Yarn Shop collection to be donated to the charity which supports transgender, non-binary and gender diverse young people and their families.