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And at best I was often very depressed. When I developed arthritis pain, my issues escalated. All these years later I realize and appreciate how much this medication has changed my life. Bupropion, for me is very subtle, like taking an aspirin for a headache - I don't feel like I'm "on" something, I just generally feel better like a normal person. It is best to use it without nicotine replacement therapy (NRT).

Side effects In the first days after starting treatment, the person may. Examples have been reported of adverse interactions when bupropion was used to augment venlafaxine treatment. 3,4,8 In a prospective study 8 of 8 depressed patients receiving venlafaxine (mean dose = 244 mg.d), augmentation with low-dose bupropion (150 mg.d) was associated with treatment dropout in 1 patient after 2 weeks of combination therapy (reason for dropout not.

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