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'Violet Bliss' - 4Ply Silky Sock

'Violet Bliss' - 4Ply Silky Sock

The Luxe range of yarns have been chosen to provide truly luxurious yarns which will be treasured in your stash and beloved in your projects. 


This summer collection, released in 2022, was inspired entirely by the eyecatching wardrobe of Kate Sharma from Bridgertons' Season Two - which was a riot of jewel tones and luxurious silks.  A weekend spent binge-watching immediately led to a week of creating some of the most iconic pallates and produced this colourway, along with coordinating tonals from the collection.


'Violet Bliss' is reflective of the purple tones seen so often through the series but especially in the final scenes when Kate emerges truly happy.  A rich saturated warm purple, this colourway will stand out and shine.


This Luxe base, Silky Sock, is gloriously soft with a delightful sheen making each of the Luxe tonal colourways glow. Each 100g skein is 50% Superwash Merino / 50% Silk and gives 400m per 100g

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