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'Blossoming Crab': 4Ply SW Merino Sock

'Blossoming Crab': 4Ply SW Merino Sock

Each spring I get that happy feeling as I watch my neighbours ideally placed cherry blossom tree burst into life and it was inevitable that this would eventually become a colourway!  In this case it's become a whole Blossoms Collection and I love it!


'Blossoming Crab' is the darkest of the three colourways and is inspired by the richer, darker, blossoms you see on the range of crab apple trees you'll find in gardens and in hedges.  The summer t-shirt you see in the images is a Scotch Broom top designed by Wool & Pine.


Dyed on our super soft, Superwash Merino Sock base, this yarn is: 75% Superwash Merino and 25% Nylon and gives 425 metres per 100g

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